” Valluvar college management strongly believe that ultimate purpose of education is  to get suitable employment. Education without employment  will be harmful to our society and hence making all out effort to ensure that each and every student  is getting   proper employment through campus recruitment while completing their degree. Our ultimate aim is to see that no student should go out of the campus without employment.


As part of our mission, campus recruitment has been conducted on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December 2017 by AEGIS Ltd, L&;T Financial Servies Ltd and Polaris Software Technologies.  All eligible students attended the process. 10 Students for L & T Financial, 21 students for AEGIS Ltd and 10 students for Polaris Software Technologies have been shortlised for final interview.”


” As part of management’s mission of suitable employment to all eligible students, campus recruitment has been conducted on 15.12.2017 by Equitas Bank, Accenture and Airtel. Large number of final year students attended the process. 16 students for Equitas Bank, 25 students for Airtel and 21 students for Accenture have been shortlisted by the companies. Our mission continues ……… ”