Hostels are provided for boys and girls separately. Admission into hostels will be considered only after the admission into Valluvar College. Only limited seats are available in the hostels. For further details, please contact the Hostel Administration. A Pure Vegetarian Mess is functioning in the hostel. For the preparation of quality, delicious and nutritious food the mess is provided with modern kitchen equipments like Vegetable cutting machine, steamers and boilers, dough kneading machine and grinders. To enrich the student’s knowledge , newspaper, magazines and weeklies provided.


Rules and Regulations

• Strict Discipline ought to be kept up in the Hostel.

• Silence should be maintained during the silence hours (06.30 p.m. to 06.30 a.m.) and compulsory study hours (08.45 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.). No student is permitted to loiter along the corridor during the study hours. Violation of this rule will be viewed seriously.

• Each Student holds the responsibility to keep their rooms slick and clean.

• Smoking is entirely denied in the lodging grounds.

• Hostel properties are implied for Common use and taking them for individual or gathering use is not entertained.

• No student is allowed to stay back in the hostel the class hours without the consent of the warden.

• The warden should be kept informed of the sick students in the room to provide them with the necessary medical assistance and constant monitoring.

• Complaints should be addressed to the faculty allotted and solutions should be drawn with the concern of the respective faculty.

• Students are prompted not to have mobile phone. In the event that discovered using, strict disciplinary move will be made.

• Each student ought to present a seperate permission letter to go home and they ought to sign in the development register. Inability to hold fast to this tenet will be considered truly.

• Ragging is entirely restricted. Inmates found involved in ragging will be sent out from both the hostel and college immediately