Rules and Regulations:

  1. Registration fee Rs.200/-
  2. Lunch will be provided for all participants.
  3. Registration should be confirmed through email or phone

       on or before 27th January 2020.

  1. The children can participate in the event with a age limit

       of 8 years.

  1. The participants should be present in valluvar arangam

       before 8.30AM.

  1. Certificate will be provided for all participants.
  2. Decision of the Judges will be the final.
  3. Separate prize for solo and team performance and  OVER ALL TROPHY
  1. Kindly bring the music for the ramp walk has to be in

       pen drive format .

  1. Time limit for solo performance will be 1 minute and for

     team  2-3 minutes.

  1. Participants must take care of their personal belongings.

    For Contact Details:

Email ID :

Staff co-ordinator:      M.Nathiya – 9843940691

                                            G.Meera –  7708770345     


 Student co-ordinator:     S.Thivika – 9626896842    

                                                  P.Sugumar – 8838336879