Ramanujan math club                              

The Department of Mathematics thank our Management for giving this wonderful opportunity. We Inaugurated the Ramanujan math club on 23th Jan-2020 in our college auditorium.

At first, the prayer song was sang traditionaly by our students. Then Harini- II B.Sc Maths welcomed the gathering.

The inaugural address have delivered effectfully by the Head of the department Mrs. K. Saranya. It included the Meaning of Math Club, Aims and Functions of Club. She installed the office bearers as the following

     Ms. R. Janani            – President            – II M.Sc Mathematics

     Ms. Boomika            – Vice President    –  I M.Sc Mathematics

     Ms. A. Fardosh         – Seceretary          –  III B.Sc Mathematics – A

     Ms. Harini                – Treasurer                     – II B.Sc Mathematics – A

Then Power point presentation was presented by P. Ramya, L. Prathina and R. Janani on the topics of  “Mathematicians and applications of Mathematics”.

Also, we have  conducted the following Activities for our students

  1. Dumb charades
  2. Drawing Competition(Mathematician Pictures)
  3. Quiz Competition

Totally 27 teams participated and a team consists of 2 members only. 

 Prelims was conducted to eliminate the number of students and selected only 9 teams for the final round.  They acted as per the rules what we have given to them.  They enjoyed acting and played well in DUMB CHARADES.  Totally 19 members participated in Drawing  Competition.  Totally 37 members participated in Quiz  Competition.

        Finally  Mrs. K. Saranya (Head of the Department) and Ms. M. Priya and    Mr. R. Bhuvaneshwaran (Co-Ordinators of the Club) distributed the Prizes to the winners of the events. 

Next, feedback was given by students. Atb the end of the programme R.Janani(President) delivered vote of thanks to the gathering on behalf of the Department of Mathematics.

      Finally the programme was wind up with the National Anthem