Date: 24/1/2020                                                                      Place: Vadakkupalayam

Time: 10.30 a.m.                                                                                Jallipatti


In connection with National Girl Child Day celebration, the department of Public Administration has conducted awareness programme on BediBachoBetiBadhoscheme  tovadakkupalayam village primary school and jallipatti rural people. The students have given oral and PPT presentation to the children’s about the scheme and its importance. They were showed important women leaders and their achievement in the picturaised presentation and explained about child helpline. The children’s were enjoyed and asked many questions to the students and also they gave very good feedback about this class. In Jallipatti village the students met with 100 days employees and village people. Nearly 25 women’s were participatedandmen’s also showed interest in this programme. Dr.S. Menaka introduced the topic to the people.  She has explained the aim of this meeting and its purpose. Ms. Parkavi the student has explained the betibachobetibatho scheme and the other students has explained detailed view about kavalan app, selvamagal scheme, suganyasamrithiyojana, maternity schemes, women empowerment schemes and women entrepreneur and also spokes about scholarship available for children’s. The village people got many information through this programme and they thanked the management and students for given this wonderful programme. The gave feedback view in the form of audio and video about the programme.


DATE: 23/1/2020                                                     PLACE: EMMUR & NADUPPALAYAM

TIME: 10 .30 A.M

The department of Public Administration has organized field visit for the students of I B.A Public Administration at Emmur Village Panchayat on 23/1/2020.Dr.S.Menaka, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration has coordinated this programme. The students have been divided into three groups and the topic was given to each group. Based on the topic the students have collected the date in the village. We have reached the Village at 10.30 a.m. the first group of students has visited the Panchayat office to collect the basic details about Panchayat.  Mrs.Lakshmi, Village Secretary has beautifully explained about the village and their hamlets (there are 6 hamlets under this panchayat), basic facilities available in this village, beneficiaries of welfare schemes, population details sex wise, occupation etc. the second group of students has interacted with school students (5th standard) at primary school. They explained sanitation and its importance through playing some activity. The school students were  enjoyedand interacted very deeply with our students. They gave very good feedback about this programme also and they visited Anganwadi center and interacted and played with small kids and collected some basic details about the Centre. The third group of students went to Naduppalayam village this is one of the hamlets of this panchayat. They collected data among the old age people regarding their problems they faced during their day to day life and they provide solutions to them and  the students has created awareness among the young women about gender equality, welfare programe for women and children and social media.

Finally at 2.oclock all the three groups assembled at Village Panchayat Office. Mr.V. BalasubramaniPanchayat President has interacted with students. He explained the panchayat elections; reservation system, welfare scheme, income and expenditure of the Panchayat etc. the students were interacted with the president and clarified their doubts. Mr.V.Shankar Village Administration Officer explained about UlavarAttai Scheme, NREGS Scheme, Medical Insurance Scheme etc. and also he gave the procedure to avail the following scheme tec. At the end the programme winds up with tea and biscuits. Ms. Aarthy gave vote of thanks to the Panchayat President, VAO, Village Secretary, etc.