10th National Voter’s Day Celebration

         Department of fashion technology and costume designing organized a program on occasion of 10th National Voter’s day associated with election Commission with the help of management of head.

    We conducted a drawing competition about the topic of “Electoral literacy for stronger Democracy”. Totally 86 students from various departments participated in this competition.

    Our programme started by the hands of Mrs.M.Nathiya, Head of the department (FT&CD) gave a speech about the importance of voting system.

    She welcomed our chief guests Mrs.Malathi, Deputy Tahsildar (election commission), Mr.Murugan Tahsildar , Mr.Naveen kumar (VAO Kodaiyur) The Programme started with little entertainment 3 students came forward to show their talents in singing and mimicry.Our student from 3rd CA got more appreciation for his mimicry in 12 voices of actors and politicians.

    Next the Chief Guest appreciated the talents of our students and honoured them with prizes. In the drawing competition among 86 drawings the chief guest selected 27 drawings and their drawings will be sent to delhi, and their drawings will be posted in the website of election commission of India.

    Mr.Murugan (Tahsildar) election commission, gave a speech about the awareness of voting system and told that, as a citizen of our country actively participant in election process he also gave as information about how to apply for voter card and also told about the process to the change the information in voter card and appreciated who have actively participant in drawing competition. Thanks given by Mrs.M.Nathiya, Head of the department of Fashion technology and costume designing….