Department of MATHEMATICS

About the Department

Envisaging creating an academically sound environment nurturing, encouraging excellence in research and teaching in Mathematics with social value, the Mathematics degree course was started in the Department of Mathematics in the academic year 2006 -2007. Meeting the need and realizing the importance of the Post-Graduation level education MSc in Mathematics programme was added in 2013.

The department aims to train the students towards research and teaching in advanced areas of pure and applied Mathematics. It serves the society by preparing tutees for professional practice as Mathematics Teachers & Scientist by providing continuing educational opportunities for practicing mathematics and making original contributions to the Mathematical Sciences. Further, the department inculcates the values on excellence in Mathematics to demonstrate originality and to develop a sense of responsibility towards the society.

Courses Offered

The Department offering the following undergraduate and post graduate programmes,

UG – B.Sc. Mathematics – 3 years

PG – M.Sc. Mathematics – 2 years

Salient Features

  • Dedicated qualified and well equipped faculty members specialized in diverse areas such as Graph theory, Analysis, Algorithmic Graph Theory, Differential Equations and Topology
  • Arranging industrial visits to encourage the students towards the academic learning and make them to get experience in the outer world of practical working environment with recent technologies.
  • Special arrangements for students to have interactive sessions with industry experts, auditors, bank personnel
  • Conducting Ramanujan Club activities give the students an opportunity to meet a diverse population of people that allows expanding the thinking and interest of the students. The recent activities are Prodigy Math, Bouncing Sums, Math Minute, Dumb C and Math Quiz.
    • Applying recent technologies for teaching and learning mathematics that makes students technologically updated and upgraded.


To implant analytical and logical thinking among students and promote Mathematics as an important area of human thought with exhaustive knowledge and to develop their skills for competitive exams and problem solving.


    • To flourish the congenital learners in fostering their each and every perspective by providing a quality education with professional skills and leadership quality
    • To furnish the students with intensive and enhanced employable skills.
    • To provide an elegant ambience where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application which in turn leads them to be an Economist, a Professional Mathematician or a Data Scientist.
S. No Name of Faculty Designation
1. Ms. M. Priya Head & Assistant Professor
2. Mr. R. Bhuvaneswaran Assistant Professor
3. Mrs. D. Suganya Assistant Professor
4. Ms. S. Jeniffer Assistant Professor
5. Mr. P. Mohanraj Assistant Professor
6. Mrs. P. Nanthini Assistant Professor
7. Ms. S. Surya Assistant Professor
8. Mr. V. Manikandan Assistant Professor
9. Mrs. R. Chitra Assistant Professor

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