The college aims to excel as the centre of academic excellence by providing quality education, enrichment of global competence, preparedness for employability, focusing on character building and self-esteem, instilling the societal concern that leads to holistic development.


  • To provide state of the art infrastructure and conducive environment to ensure best higher education
  • To foster the skills of every student through the guidance of forefront academic fraternities
  • To empower the rural students with gamut of knowledge through rich curriculum and effective teaching pedagogies
  • To enhance the unconventional research and innovation in various domains to meet the national and global demands
  • To act as a springboard to the students in order to catapult them into a glorious career by making them employable at global scale
  • To escalate the entrepreneurial capability of younger minds and make them self-Reliant
  • To impart ethos, discipline and character through the ideals of Thirukkural, in order to bestow ethically exemplary citizens.