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About the Department

Propounding the value and importance of the Physics discipline, under graduate degree program in Physics was started in the Department of Physics in 2016.  The department aims to enhance quality teachings & learning in basic and applied Physics and to develop each student as an embodiment of confidence, courage & conviction with the values of interactions of natural components and their interaction.

The department gives space for students to learn the basic laws and knowledge about natural phenomena by themselves to understand various phenomena of the material world. Further, the department encourages students to become a lover of science and nature and an expert in Physics through its curricular programs.

Courses Offered

The department offers undergraduate programme affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichy

UG – B.Sc. Physics – 3 years

Salient Features

  • Well qualified and trained faculty members involving research and academic activities related to Physics field of study.
  • Teaching fundamental theories and experiments to develop scientific thinking and logical power among the students through updated curriculum focusing recent advances in Physics
  • Enhancing to reviewing the curriculum to focus the specific areas of physics such as general dynamics, electromagnetism, and quantum mechanics, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, Solid State Physics, Optics and Computational Physics etc
  • Enhancing the teaching process both in theory and in practical Physics, lecturing is made through innovative instructional methods like PPT & Visual Aids.
  • Inviting eminent scholars from other universities to deliver guest lectures on Recent Trends in Physics.
  • Laboratories that are fully equipped with latest facilities and instruments so that they can gain knowledge and expertise by conducting experiments on optics, electronics and microprocessor-based programming, mechanics, thermal physics.
  • Arranging Sir C.V.Raman Physics Club activities for the improvement of the students and motivate them to show their hidden talents related to Physics.
  • Encouraging students to take part in Intra Departmental Competitions and to participate in various events, seminars and conferences in colleges such as Festo Physics, BEIRON 18 and BEIRON 19


  • To create and strengthen the young minds for excellence and growth by igniting and promoting passion, interests and enthusiasm in the study of Physics.
  • To instill scientific principles and technological developments in par with societal needs and envisions excellence in various areas of research with ethical standards.
  • To yield ethically strong scientists to serve the Nation.


  • To embellish a conducive environment for the students to acquire knowledge through novel ideas and utilize it for the welfare of the mankind.
  •  To produce graduates with a good caliber by imparting advanced concepts and techniques.
  • To make our graduates employable and preferable by industry through exponential education and innovative practices.


S.No Name Designation
1Mr. K.NagarajanHead & Assistant Professor
2Ms. R.ShaliniAssistant Professor
3Ms. M.KasthuriAssistant Professor

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