Entrepreneurship Development Cell of VCSM is to create an entrepreneurial thinking in minds of students to get a business opportunity with a great stability to achieve social and economic progress. EDC is about mentoring students for those who have interest in entrepreneurship, startups and creates an environment so that students can develop the attitude and skills in their domain.

It is about influencing young minds to lead our world economy for better future. The Cell acts as an incubator for Society, developing future entrepreneurs. We hope to create a future where the youth views entrepreneurs as statues of inspiration and entrepreneurship as a viable career option. We are convinced that entrepreneurship is the key to developing innovation in India and that promoting the ideals of entrepreneurship will result in the youth reaching their full potential.


  • Supporting and enabling budding entrepreneurs to create innovative ideas and convert them into business opportunities.
  • Developing incubation center for all phases of entrepreneurship.
  • Having active network of different EDCs of other institutes to improve peer learning, knowledge sharing and connecting.
  • Organizing workshops and seminars by successful entrepreneurs for ideation/innovation.
  • To transform entrepreneurship aspiring students as employment creators immediately after their graduation.
  • To promote and maintain the spirit of Entrepreneurship amongst our college students.
  • To provide a platform to convert the students innovative ideas into viable enterprises.
1. Mr. M. Rajagopal, Assistant Professor of Business Administration Coordinator
2. Dr. R. Athilakshmi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Member
3. Mrs. M. Nathiya, Head & Assistant Professor of FT & CD Member
4. Dr. M. Bharath, Assistant Professor of Management Member