Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is a flagship programme initiated by the Indian government to uplift rural communities by improving their living standards, economic conditions, and overall well-being. Valluvar College of Science and Management has joined hands with this programme to extend their support and contribute to this noble cause. The institution has undertaken the responsibility of enhancing the standard of living of the inhabitants of five nearby rural communities ( Appipalayam, Puthambur, Kodaiyur, Nagampalli and Venjamaankoodalur) while simultaneously providing its students with the necessary skills to facilitate the sustainable advancement of these localities. The institution has implemented diverse undertakings and programmes aimed at fostering a constructive transformation in the villages it has adopted. The Department of Public Administration conducted a field survey and engaged in interactions with the village panchayat to identify areas of need and address the concerns of the local population.


  • The college has organized several skill development programs for the villagers, especially women, to promote their self-sustainability. The programs include tailoring, handicrafts and embroidery among others and help in generating income and employment opportunities for the villagers.
  • The college has conducted several health camps and awareness programs to promote health and hygiene practices in the villages.
  • The local inhabitants were provided with education regarding self-empowerment and means of sustenance in order to enhance their quality of life.
  • The college has also undertaken several initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture practices and livelihood opportunities in the villages.
  • The participants were educated on the upkeep of value added products using Moringa and its cultivation via methods that prioritize ecological balance and durability. 
  • The temple in Malaikovilur had been cleaned and whitewashed by college students.
  • During the pandemic, a vaccination awareness campaign was carried out, and a vaccination camp was organized by the college. The college provided transportation to the villagers and promoted COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Eye checkup was performed for the residents of Venjamaankoodalur village in order to promote awareness regarding ocular health.
  • The college has erected restroom facilities for the pupils of Malaikovilur government school with the aim of mitigating the transmission of contagious illnesses and fostering early adoption of proper toilet etiquette among schoolchildren, thereby imparting knowledge and promoting appropriate usage practices in their households.
  • The college has organized financial inclusion campaigns in Malaikovilur, with the aim of educating the local population on the utilization of digital banking as a means of reducing digital banking illiteracy.
  • The institution serves as a liaison between job seekers and companies seeking employees, by maintaining a registry where individuals and businesses can register their respective needs.