The Admissions Committee is responsible for the student's admissions to the programmes offered by the institution. The committee is a group of people endeavors to identify qualified applicants and to make decisions about who is accepted as part of the program. In addition, the admissions committee tracks the success of the admissions process each day during admissions by maintaining a database of pertinent information on the applicants. This committee reviews admission requirements for the program annually.


  • To formulate and execute the admission criteria and ensure filling up of seats according to merit & intake capacity.
  • To ensure transparency in admission process.
  • To screen the applications for admission to various courses.
  • To revise and update college prospectus.
  • To send admission report to University & State Council of Higher Education, Government of Tamilnadu.
  • To help solve queries of parents and students interested in taking admission to the different programs of the offered by the college.
  • To update the information posted on the website periodically.
1. Mr. K. Muthusamy, Admission Officer Coordinator
2. Mr. D. Rajkumar, Finance Officer Member
3. Mr. S., Anandan, Head & Assistant Professor of Computer Science Member
4. Mr. R. Bhuvaneswaran, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Member