The Library Committee is the decision making body for the college's library service. It provides advice to staff members of library on all matters related to the library functioning, including purchase of books, subscription of journals & magazines, N-List and DELNET subscription and etc,. The Committee offers a stage for open discourse on issues pertaining to the Library and its services. The library committee is consisting of coordinator, librarian and faculty representatives as it members. The entire Library system is governed by the rules & regulations designed by the Library Committee. The committee is taking initiatives for the upgrading the library's facilities for its effective functioning.


  • To assist the librarian in creating library rules and regulations that control how the library operates.
  • To make improvements and modernizations to the library and documentation services.
  • To formulate procedures for efficient use of Library resources.
  • To adopt measures to enhance readership.
  • To prepare budget and proposals for the development of the Library.
  • To seek feedback on Library functions from students and faculties.
1. Mr. G. Prabhakaran, Librarian Coordinator
2. Mrs. V. Padmavathi, Assistant Librarian Member
3. Mr. R. Aravinth, Assistant Professor of Commerce Member
4. Mrs. P. Subha, Assistant Professor of English Member
5. Mr. P. Muthupandi, Head & Assistant Professor of Tamil Member
6. Mr. S. Tamilselvan, Assistant Professor of computer Science Member