Organic Farming

While agriculture is crucial to the economy of the Indian subcontinent, most crops are grown using chemical fertilizers. This has led to several problems with sanitation and general health for the general populace. Valluvar College is committed to fostering a community of caring individuals, and as such, they recently hosted an Agriculture (Organic) exhibition to inform the public about the value of organic farming practices. This will encourage the general public, particularly small and medium-sized farms, to adopt healthier lifestyles, which in turn will help nurture a new generation of globally-conscious people.
On February 3rdand 4th 2018, the VCSM campus hosted a "Workshop on Organic Farming" to help students learn the meaning of "OLD IS GOLD." The following booths were set up to excite the expo's attendees and participants:

  1. Organic Cultivation
  2. Benefits Of Millets
  3. Country Seeds
  4. Ayurvedic Plants
  5. Benefits Of Natural Fertilizers
  6. Handicrafts
  7. Financial Assistance For Agriculturists
  8. Books On Siddha Medicine
  9. Agricultural Exports
  10. Terrace Garden

Those who have a strong interest in organic farming, including many of our students, have actively participated in the programme. Attendees learned the value of organic cereals, millets, herbal plants, and terrace garden design following the exhibition.