Institutional Distinctiveness

Valluvar is a great Tamil Poet and Philosopher. The name itself is an incredible part of our identity for more than 75 years. Valluvar Sculpture has been established by Our College in two places in Karur Dt. One of the Valluvar Idol is 3.35 meter tall and made up of Impon metal and weight of 500 Kg, was been placed in Valluvar Residency for public worship on July 16th 2012. Another Valluvar Idol made up of brick of 750 kilograms was placed on the top of our college building for the students.

The distinctiveness of Valluvar College is its vision of preaching Thirukkural to our students as providing guidance of human goodness and betterment in life. Our Institution believes that knowledge should be supported by ethical values which are necessary to live in harmony with society and environment.

As the holy book of Thirukkural carries the principles which are essential to mold a good human being. With this intention the founder of our Institution established the Valluvar College and also provides free education to those students who narrate 1330 Thirukkural Couplets. Those students who got these benefits have been placed themselves in a top position in their career.

The day in College starts with the holy words of Thirukkural with music given to students that they should get the blessings of god through prayer song. The sacred words of Thirukkural are displayed in our college buses and class rooms with meanings which initiate the students to learn the ethics and moral value of life.

In our curriculum we have value education in which our faculty member edifies the important aspects of education that focuses on developing moral ethical values in students. It aims to help students to understand the importance of honesty, responsibility, respect, compassion and other virtues that are essential for leading a prosperous life. Business principles are vital as they keep business persons to operate in a right pedestal and laws that not only give their internal satisfaction but also increase the goodwill of the business were learnt in Management Concepts in Thirukkural which is core subject for third year, Bachelor of Business Administration. Learning Thirukkural also helps the students to crack TNPSC exams.

In our Institution we have certificate course on Thirukkural - holistic education for first years and we give a handbook on Thirukkural as it explains how one should lead an ethical life and become a man of success. The objectives behind this course is

  • To cultivate a student’s physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual characteristics.
  • To teach the students about eternal values that will mould them into a human with honesty and sense of responsibility.
  • To train students in skills that are required for once growth, interpersonal skills, team work.
  • Learning Thirukkural increases individual’s knowledge, memory power and able to face the challenging world with confident.

           To spread the values of Thirukkural to society our institution has undergone MoU with Institute of Thirukkural Studies & Kural Malai Sangam. Our College have conducted International Level Conference for which the guest was from Maruitus Whenever events related to Thirukkural are conducted, eminent scholars visit our Institution as they get a positive vibe and a blessing of Valluvar from Institution.

Our College organizes programmes as mentioned below for students to learn the spiritual liberation, moral development for real life, individual benefits, social benefits and physical growth. Such events encourage students to sustain and preserve the folklore, culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu.

Kalai Thiruvizha - Every year our institution conducts Kalai Thiruvizha as to celebrate the birth anniversary of Thiruvalluvar with the objective to teach the Principles of Thirukural and tag the talents of kids of age between 3 -5. Kids will participate in Competitions like reciting, drawing, drama, storytelling on Thirukkural. The competitions were conducted in online during Covid-19, in which kids from National and International Level participated. Grand Parents received prizes for those participants who reside in foreign countries.

Vaan Sirappu – Our state was facing shortage of water due to insufficient rainfall. It was the need of the hour to act upon. As we know unless a drop of precious rain falls down, not even grass will sprout its head. Even the vast ocean will start shrinking, if the clouds that took the water away from it don’t pour it back. Keeping this intention in mind our Institution has conducted a programme on Vaan Sirappu as mentioned in Thirukkural for which the chief guest was Mr. Tharun Vijay, former Member of Parliament and President of Thiruvalluvar Students Movement. The prayer programme has been arranged at the college premises which were started with Naadhasvara Isai along with the prayers of more than 2000 students for want of sufficient rain fall. All the students took strong note of this valuable concept and assured to work together in this regard.

Our Institution conducts various extension activities in which our students along faculty members visit Government Schools and teach Thirukkural. They also distribute Thirukkural book to school students and every year our institution conduct many programmes, drama on Thirukkural in Nagercoil.

In our College, Department of Fashion Technology and Costume Designing have designed a shawl of 3m with 133 Thirukkural in 2020 which we use to honour the resource persons.

Our Institution has received many awards for the rendering astonishing service to the society through Thirukkural such as

  • Kural Malai Semal Award – Governor, Tamil Nadu in 2022
  • Muppal Munivar award – Institute of Thirukkural Science (ITS) – Oman in 2021
  • Guest of Honor - Institute of Thirukkural Science in 2019

           Our Institution produces graduates who are meticulous citizens as they are preached with the holy thoughts of Thiruvalluvar. Our Institution is also committed to provide a quality education through ethical values of life with which they can distinguish between the right and wrong. It has a noble vision to contribute to the society - physically and mentally healthy, morally upright, socially responsible, intellectually refined and spiritually elevated person.