Valluvar College of Science and Management introduced the SWAYAM MOOC courses to reduce the digital divide among students who are unable to participate in the knowledge economy due to their exclusion from the digital revolution. The college strives to foster the students to achieve the three cardinal principles of education, viz., accessibility, equity, and quality. This effort is taken in a vision to bestow the best learning resources even to the students from rural backgrounds. The college acts as a local chapter and also has a SPOC (single point of contact) to answer and find solutions to all the queries of the students at any time.


  • The purpose is to increase student enrollment in the Swayam course by raising awareness of the online course and its potential career benefits.
  • Mentors were assigned the task of facilitating the enrollment procedure and providing assistance to students in successfully fulfilling the requirements of their coursework.
  • Online resources provide students with the opportunity to access high-quality books and materials across various disciplines, thereby facilitating the development of interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • A single point of contact has been established to facilitate communication between students and professors at the institution, allowing students to seek clarification on any uncertainties they may have.
  • The primary objective of this course is to provide students with the flexibility to access it online from any location, thereby enhancing their career prospects.