Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), being a part of any accredited Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) goes ahead towards quality enhancement and sustenance. IQAC of Valluvar College of Science and Management is functioning towards quality education. The Cell actively functions with the aim of developing a system for consistent and catalytic actions to conscious, improve the academic and administrative performance of the college. Further, it promotes measures for institutional functioning towards quality education on par with global standards. The cell has been made as an integral and independent part of this College. 


To take Constant Continuous Consistent Efforts for monitoring and reviewing the academic progress towards quality standards for the sustainable inclusive growth of the institution. 


To provide value based quality oriented approach to academic and non academic program activities for encouraging and empowering teachers, students and administrative members to make employable and to become leaders and entrepreneurs; To enhance creative and innovative minds of teachers and students to have exposure to global challenges in society and economic growth at large; and to promote the inclusive growth of teachers and students for quality of life standard.

IQAC Objectives

  • To ensure the internalization of quality culture and best practices in academics and non academics as well
  • To arrange for periodic assessments on academic activities and events for continuous improvement
  • To ensure the student centric approach to academic programs enhancing employability,  leadership and  entrepreneurial  skills
  • To ensure the quality benchmarks / parameters for the various academic activities of the college
  • To undertake research projects, consultancy and training programs for quality enhancement in academics
  • To collaborate with stakeholders of higher education institutions like. for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance


  • Reviewing the progress of academic and non academic program activities for quality enhancement and sustenance based on the criteria suggested by NAAC and suggesting suitable feasible actions for further improvement in quality aspects.
  • Monitoring the academic programme activities of the departments constantly towards the quality sustenance
  • Taking initiatives of mechanism for internal quality checks
  • Self appraisal reports of course teachers submitted every year
  • Assessing the performance of teachers through receiving the perceived opinion of students at the end of every semester for academic quality measurement
  • Academic quality assurance of faculty induction for social relationship and quality work culture in the campus
  • Frequent conduct of Faculty Development Program for quality enrichment of teachers in teaching and learning methods
  • Documentation of the various academic and non academic program activities for continuous quality improvement
  • Dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of higher education and employability and entrepreneurship
  • Conducting regular Academic Audit and participating in the NIRF Ranking
  • Organization of workshops, seminars on quality aspects of education and employability related themes and promotion of quality circles
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the institutional process and progress through feedback from the stakeholders